Amethyst Mushroom - purple with Clear Quartz inclusions

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These Amethyst Mushrooms are the latest addition to the Stoneology Family.

They are a natural stone and therefore will have variations in colour. These ones have swirls and banding of Clear Quartz which brings a further connection to Crown Chakra . They are incredible individually beautiful and unique  

We have always used this amazing crystal, mainly as a Third Eye stone in placement , but on researching the Infrared qualities of Jade we discovered that this crystal also can deliver infrared to the body - in quite a unique way.

Of course you can heat it and trigger the infrared to work it’s magic - stimulating chemical reactions and increasing capillary production (and all the other science stuff we cover on our Jade courses) but and here’s the magic 

Amethyst draws our inflammation from the body then converts it into heat within the stone stimulates the infrared which then passes this back. How utterly amazing is that ! 
Obviously brilliant on any facial work, but also great on neck, spine, knees, feet - I could go on. The list is as long as your ability to find the perfect place to use it. 
We have deliberately kept this as affordable as possible because we want all stone therapists to be able to add this gift from Mother Nature to their Stone Basket.